Egg Freezing The Right Judgment For Some Women

Many gentlewomen may not require to freeze their eggs because their body’s capacity to have a baby is uninjured and appropriate for their age. To determine if you fall into that group, you should be doing periodic fertility check-ups.

How Egg Freezing Started?

Egg freezing commenced decades before as a fertility maintenance procedure for women in their generative years who had received a cancer judgment and were about to commence chemotherapy. In this instance, egg freezing rendered some of these women their only chance to become parents after cancer.

In Vitro Fertilization And Egg Freezing Are Quite Similar Process

In our culture, in vitro fertilization has all the offensive, taboo implications of infertility, whereas egg freezing has grown trendy and socially satisfactory. In vitro fertilization is a method sustained in silence, while egg freezing is happily shared. But here’s the situation, frozen eggs are not put back inside the mother later to be fertilized, these frozen eggs are constantly implanted in vitro. Not only are in vitro fertilization and freezing eggs both procedures for infertility they are typically the same procedure!

Egg freezing is a method that traverses four to six weeks. It originates with daily hormone injections that may require cancer treatment drugs and demands routine doctor visits for ultrasound monitoring and blood tests. Once the eggs have sufficiently developed, the next step comprises extracting the eggs from the ovaries, while sedated, using a long spike placed through the vagina, managed by ultrasound. The retrieved eggs are instantly frozen and then stored, possibly for many ages, until the woman is eager to endeavor a pregnancy.

Sometimes the eggs are nevermore used, for instance, because the woman manages to conceive naturally after all, or because she is nevermore enthusiastic for motherhood. In any event, the final stage requires egg thawing, in vitro egg fertilization with a sperm, embryo lab growth, and embryo implantation which, by the way, needs even more hormone injections.

Egg Freezing: Best Solution For Women Opting Late Pregnancy

On the other way around, for many women who are willing to seek parenthood later in life, egg freezing may be tried too late in life, when few or no eggs are left to defend.

If you are a lady who is considering egg freezing, you should start by adopting a comprehensive medical history, and undergo at least one proficient opinion from a distinguished reproductive endocrinologist to be sure that egg freezing is a relevant, profitable, and the medically satisfactory path to parenthood for you.

The egg freezing building process is often the first time that a woman has reviewed her fertility health situation. The older you are, the more opportunities you have to replicate the entire egg freezing procedure. Likewise, in your mid-30s, you will have to experience multiple treatments just to accumulate the prescribed number of viable eggs. This raises the investment and touching and physical strain of the egg freezing procedure.

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