Dr. Nisha Jain

Founder of North West Gynae Forum, Dr. Nisha Jain is also the President of the organization. She is a Gold Medal winner as a medical student. Dr. Jain regularly participates in top national and international conferences on Obstetrics & Gynecology.

Child birth is supposed to be a normal process. But complications may rise due to several issues. Experienced experts are unavoidable in childbirth.

Symptom like morning sickness, urgency of urination, heartburn due to acidity, darkening of skin, constipation, tiredness, stretch marks are normal during pregnancy. You don’t need to worry!

Certain symptoms are not normal. Approach us if you are troubled with more severe issue.

Taking risk in waiting for symptoms to worsen can lead to more complications. If you are bleeding from the birth canal, if your feet, hands and face are swelling, and you are suffering from painful urination, do approach an experienced gynecologist immediately. If symptoms like blurred vision, severe headache, excessive vomiting, fever and abdominal pain is bothering you, contact us.

Proper sleep

Proper sleep is a necessity for pregnant mothers. Best sleep position is Sleeping on Side, preferably on left side. This increases the flow of blood and nutrient to the baby in the womb.

Balance diet

Consuming good protein source is important for pregnant women. Calcium, protein and vitamin can be consumed through milk, yogurt and cheese.

Regular medicine

Pregnant mothers should take regular medicine if prescribed by experienced doctor. Common medicine like Frolic Acid is good for the baby. Consult us before taking any Over-the-Counter medicine.


Adequate body movement to remain flexible during pregnancy is a necessity. Pre-natal yoga, brisk walking, swimming, stationary cycling, and low impact aerobics are good exercise during pregnancy.


Pregnancy is a delicate stage. It is important to take utmost caution during this period.

Never worry if you have trouble sleeping.

Avoid spicy food and heavy meal before sleeping.

Do not smoke or consume alcohol.

Do not take medicine with consulting a doctor.

Do not lift heavy objects.

Wear comfortable clothes and footwear.