Best doctor ever! Firstly she is a very positive soul and a patient listener. She handles each and every issue very intelligently and treatments advices by her are very easy and affordable with quick results. She is the person one can trust completely upon as her advices are very realistic and homely. Clinic staff is very friendly too. She is available round the clock. One can rely on her.
Sakshi Gupta
Have known her for many years now...I trust her completely.Shes very quick in diagnosing and making you feel comfortable and satisfied. Shes the best. Very prompt. She comes straight to the point and you know that you are being taken care of by the best person in this field. Her experience and knowledge is what she is today.
Veena Sharma
Best doctor ever! Ma'am have become torchbearer for many families. She have excellent experience in her field which is reflected well by her intelligence level and her patience level . Her passion to serve others selflessly for 24*7 leaves me speachless and astonished. Her glory cannot be defined in words.
Rohit Kumar